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"Vengeance Is Mine"


"Another Day, Another Dollar"

Cory Flook

"Hide Ya Beats Vol. 2"



"Back to the Streets"

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"Back To The Streets" 

Volume One

The Mott Haven DJ is back

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  • BTG Entertainment are in talks with Sony/Red to develope a new division of BTG.

  • BTG Entertainment are in talks with recording artist Denham as the first lady of BTG Entertainment.

  • BTG Entertainment will release the new Mix Tape by DRA called, "ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR" on March 16, 2014.

  • BTG Entertainment announces the the new Mix Tape project for Legendary DJ Buda Khan to be released later 2014.

  • BTG Entertainment to release the new Mix Tape of Cory Flook, HIDE YA BEATS VOL. 2 

  • BTG Entertainment has a new client. Steam House Restaurant & Lounge in Mount Vernon, New York.

  • BTG Entertainment has entered into a Joint Venture with Mad Lab Recording Studio to develop Mad Lab Recordings in NYC.

  • BTG Entertainment will be involved in the 2014 Superbowl after party.

  • BTG Entertainment announces the the new Mix Tape project for the Bronx Legendary DJ E-Man to be released later 2014.

  • BTG Entertainment announces their new venture with Mook-A-Milli Records in NYC.

  • BTG Entertainment recording artist SOUL has been confirmed to open up for the Arts on Third, in Mount Vernon New York. Confirmed artist Doug E. Fresh, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Kool Moe Dee and Spinderella have also been confirmed.

  • BTG Entertainment has added two more recording artist to the roster. Introducing the hood’s champ, K’Ron. Also introducing the R&B phenomenal, Soul. Look out for K’Ron NEW mix tape, “Just My Thoughts”. Soul is about to change the R&B game with his mix tape, “Ghetto Hymes”.
  • BTG Films is in development of a video movie starring Hip Hop recording artist Kurtacy and the sexy Adult Entertainment star Ms. Aryana Starr.   
   Kurtacy's album, The Rookie, will be out later this year. His Mix Tape, The Take Over, will be out next month.
  • BTG Entertainment has partnered up with Pentax Ricoh Imaging Corporation, Ltd. We partnered up to do professional photography and video  
  • BTG Entertainment’s Distribution partner, Hitman Records, Inc. located Los Angeles and San Francisco is a US/International physical & digital music distributor and service provider for independent artists & labels throughout the world. The core business model is loosely based on the Japanese keiretsu system, a form of organization based on networks rather than hierarchy which in effect achieves the scale economies of vertical integration with a network of affiliated companies working in conjunction, with all the capabilities of a major label but the low overhead and flexibility of an independent.

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